A pedestal on the open land …

… as the base for the column of »Place Internationale«.


A green open land near the U5 Cottbusser Platz Station is the heart of the international open Art in the Underground competition – overgrown, newly planted and crossed by informal paths, with a football pitch and surrounded by ‘Plattenbau’, a youth club, new family homes and a refugee home. The facist NPD party instrumentalises the neighbourhood for their racist campaign against the home.

The pedestal is part of an artistic reconstruction of his toppling of Napoleon‘s victory column from 1871 by the Paris Communards, marking the square »Place Internationale«.

The reconstruction of the column by the curatoral team will provide a location for collaborations with local partners. Workshops with young people will explore the effects of political symbols. The column will be erected and toppled at events during »The Middle in Nowhere«.


Folke_PI_Bau1 Folke_PI_Bau2 Folke_PI_Bau3 Folke_PI_Bau4 Folke_PI_Bau6 Folke_PI_Bau7 PI_WS_AnnetteRuenzler U 55 Hauptbhf; U5 Rotes Rathaus Berlin