Cricket for everybody …

… since May 2017. Place Internationale as Recreation Ground for Hellersdorf.

Cricket for everybody 1
Cricket for everybody 2


Sunday 15 October 2017, Cricket Festival with AC Berlin Cricket and LaLoka
Photos: Nihad Nino Pusija and AG Kunst im Untergrund


Preparing the ground

Since May 2017 refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan have been playing cricket at Place Internationale and have set up an open training session for the neighbourhood in collaboration with AG Kunst im Untergrund. In doing so, they have created an informal Recreation Ground, something new to Germany but found in many other countries. Recreation Grounds are large, freely accessible grass areas for recreation and sport maintained by municipalities and have their origins in Victorian Great Britain’s commitment to the human right to health and nature in towns and cities. Cricket is played informally on Recreation Grounds world wide.

There were 50 cricket clubs in Berlin until 1937 when the National Socialist regime’s policy of enforced conformity was applied to sports and cricket was forbidden by the NSDAP. Thanks to the influence of refugees, the sport is experiencing a revival in Germany today and in 2017 the national team qualified for the World League.

Jugendclub U5 + Café Laloka + Mitte in der Pampa
Kontakt: 0173 2009608