Katrin Glanz

»Hellersdorfer Tanzplatz«

Open dance event. Place Internationale and Kastanienboulevard
28 May, 18 June, 17 September 2017 from 15h

Let’s dance …

Third »Hellersdorfer Tanzplatz« on Sunday 17 September 2017 on Kastanienboulevard opposite former shopping center.
Photos: AG KiU, Sabine Büttner, Edgar Zippel


Second »Hellersdorfer Tanzplatz« on Sunday 18 June 2017 at Place Internationale northeast (Carola‐Neher‐Straße). 


First »Hellersdorfer Tanzplatz«, Sunday, 28 May 2017 on Place Internationale south (Maxie‐Wander‐Straße)
Photos: Michel Grün, Christoph Leitner, Edgar Zippel


Dance brings people together, opens hearts and crosses language barriers – and although still practiced at village fêtes, fewer and fewer people dance in public space today.

During summer 2017 the artist Katrin Glanz is inviting residents and visitors to public dance sessions in Hellersdorf. On three Sundays, different locations will be transformed into places to celebrate internationality through folk dancing from various European countries – in circle, chain and paired dances. Other international dances are also welcome, the project being conceived to adapt to the wishes of its participants. 

The dancer Andrea Hartung will set the rhythm and musicians will play on traditional instruments like the diatonic accordeon, the bombarde, the cello and the guitar.

The first open‐air dance floor will be on the green land opposite the refugee home on Maxi‐Wander‐Straße. The second, on 18 June, will be on the small hill marking Hellersdorf’s original settlement at Cottbusser Platz Underground Station. The third, on 17 September, will be on the central square on Kastanienboulevard, a pedestrian area currently undergoing planning consultation. 

The »Hellersdorfer Tanzplatz« project seeks to get people out of their living rooms and connect various cultural backgrounds. It is about the pleasures of dance and communication, about making music tangible for everyone and initiating collaborations.

»Hellersdorfer Tanzplatz« on 19 May 2017 as a guest at the refugee home’s summer party, Maxie‐Wander‐Straße



Sunday 28 May 2017, 15h
Place Internationale south (Maxie‐Wander‐Straße)

Sunday 18 June 2017, 15h
Place Internationale northeast (Carola‐Neher‐Straße)

Sunday 17 September 2017, 15h
Kastanienboulevard, in front of the empty supermarket

Also on all three sundays on Place Internationale:

The erection and toppling of the victory column
Hellersdorf’s »Place Internationale« will periodically be marked with an artistic reconstruction of the column of Place Vendôme in Paris, referring to the toppling of Napolean’s victory column on the square by Gustave Courbet and the Communards in Paris on 16th May 1871. It will function as a public location for collaborations with local partners. Artists and local young people from the Jugendclub U5 and the Melanchthon School have been working on the design of the column reconstruction since September 2016.