Ein wenig Schnee. Bilder vom Stadtrand

Jihad Issa, Ulrike Kuschel and Edgar Zippel guesting in the station urbaner kulturen from July until September 2017.

IGA Berlin 2017, an international garden exhibition, takes place in Marzahn and Hellersdorf, though advertises with architecture and models from ›Mitte‹. This exhibition shows a counterpoint created by three artists who look closely: images of people and areas of the Berliner periphery.

An exhibition from 1 July until 17 September 2017.

Jihad Issa »Das Gesicht von Hellersdorf«, 40 drawings on canvas, 2016–17.
Jihad Issa comes from Aleppo and lives in Hellersdorf. Since 2016 he portraits visitors in his studio in the station urbaner kulturen. After the exhibition the artist passes the portraits back to the portrayed persons. Jihad Issas ›Portrait Studio‹ was funded by Aktionsfonds »Soziale Stadt«.

Ulrike Kuschel »Ein wenig Schnee«, ten photographs, 2001.
2001 the artist travelled on the Berlin Underground to the lines’ final destinations to photograph those parts of the city that had been left untouched after the massive inner city re‐building and renovation works. Her photographs show Berlin from ›the bottom‹ – empty and marginalised places of the city. With her work she creates a counterbalance to the political and national symbolism which is used in the inner city. The casual title »Ein wenig Schnee« (trans. A little bit of snow) referres to the marginality and to an alternativ way of visualising Berlin.

Edgar Zippel »The Young Europeans: Marzahn‐Hellersdorf«, 23 photographs and questionnaire, 2016.
Since 2008 the artist has been photographing, in cooperation with the Museum Europäischer Kulturen and others, young people from Poland, Moldawia, Romania, Island, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, Bosnia‐Herzegowina, Albania and Germany. In Germany the photos were taken in Marzahn and in Hellersdorf. Every portrayed person was asked to fill in a questionnaire and to answer three personal questions: What would you like to do? What are you looking forward to? What are you afraid of?


Guided tours with Silja Korn, a blind painter, on 8 September 2017
as part of the nGbK mediation project »Platz da!« by Steffi Wiens

Opening on 1 July 2017

Image above: Jihad Issa from the series »Das Gesicht von Hellersdorf«, 2016–17