Various + Gould

»City Skins – Marx und Engels«

A temporary installation on Place Internationale in May 2017.

Installation »City Skins – Marx und Engels« by Various & Gould

»City Skins – Marx und Engels« by the artist team Various & Gould explores how society and municipal politics deal with monuments today. The artists will produce a full size cast of the Marx and Engels Monument near Berlin’s city hall made from screen printed papier mâché. In doing so, they use Ludwig Engelhardt’s bronze figures from 1986 exemplarily to set a discussion ‘in motion’ about symbolism in public space, urban planning and the proportionality of centre and periphery. The sculptural paper cast was completed on 1st May, then transported from the centre of Berlin to its outskirts and installed from 20th to 28th May on Place Internationale, the green land at Cottbusser Platz Underground Station in Berlin‐Hellersdorf.

An exhibition in the station urbaner kulturen from 20 May until 24 June 2017 showed the working process, alongside a second artistic perspective on the Marx and Engels Monument – »Marx‐Engels‐Forum – Ja!« by Erik Göngrich.

An installation from 20 until 28 May 2017 on Place Internationale in Berlin‐Hellersdorf. Inauguration with an introduction by Jan Kage (Schau Fenster) and a text by Annika Hirsekorn (neurotitan).



Paper casting from 28 April until 1 Mai 2017 at Marx‐Engels‐Forum
in front of the Rotes Rathaus, Berlin‐Mitte

Exhibition view, »Marx‐Engels‐Forum – Ja!« by Erik Göngrich and »City Skins – Marx und Engels« by Various & Gould from 20 May to 24 June 2017 in station urbaner kulturen