Je suis Gustave

An exhibition by artists and young people from Hellersdorf from April until May 2017 in the station urbaner kulturen.

Hellersdorf’s »Place Internationale« will be marked with an artistic reconstruction of the column of Place Vendôme in Paris, referring to the toppling of Napolean’s victory column on the square by Gustave Courbet and the Communards in Paris on 16th May 1871. It will function as a public location for collaborations with local partners. Local young people from the Jugendclub U5 and the Melanchthon School have been working on the design of the column reconstruction since September 2016 with artists from the organisational team and the artists Ulrike Dornis, Martin Eggenfellner, Katja Renner, Zuzanna Skiba and Ole Tietjen. In a series of artistic workshops called »Participation and Governance« they have looked at Gustave Courbet, the Communards, revolution, the individual, the State and the community. They have developed a colour concept for the column’s pedestal using the many nuances of human skin colour and a photographic concept for the pictorial stories on the column featuring themselves in political reenactments.

The column will be erected and toppled at events during The Middle in Nowhere.

The exhibition »Je suis Gustave« from 27 April until 13 Mai 2017 in the station urbaner kulturen shows paintings, drawings, models and fotographs to document the artistic workshops.

Introduction: Zuzanna Skiba. Pupils from Melanchton Gymnasium will guide through the exhibition.




Concept and production: Valeska Peschke and Zuzanna Skiba. Photography: Martin Eggenfellner, Katja Renner. Support: Jihad Issa, Eduardo da Conceicao and Stefan Bast, art teacher at Melanchthon Gymnasium. Theatre, stage design: Ole Tietjen. Transformation process: Ulrike Dornis, twootwo and Blaubart.

Thanks to: Ines Doleschal, art historical tours in the Old National Galerie about Gustave Courbet. Samuele Rocca, art historical analysis of the column in roman and Napoleon times. Valentina dal Fior, transfer into the theme of cultural identity. Herr Herold, Frau Jordanowa, Frau Seeger, Melanchthon Gymnasium. Youth Club U5.

Funded by: Künste öffnen Welten, Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder‐ und Jugendbildung e.V., Kultur macht Stark, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung