Ellen Nonnenmacher and Eva Randelzhofer

»Wildwuchs & Ordnung«

Public Spaces along the U5
April – Oktober 2017

Final presentation on 7 October 2017, station urbaner kulturen

Marking Mitte, 27 August 2017

Seed collection at IGA, 1 July 2017



Sculptural markers, IGA fence, 3 June 2017


The pavilion on Kastanienboulevard from April until October 2017


Opening on 8 April 2017 on Place Internationale

The artists will seek to initiate processes of micro‐redistribution through various activities in public space, thereby raising questions about property, empowerment and our relationship to nature. The neighbourhood around Kastanienboulevard will be invited to transform an empty kiosk into a workshop for the production of individually made „Plant containers To Go“ from textile bags and fluid concrete. Seeds from the IGA 2017 (international garden exhibition) will be collected and planted in for the containers.

During collective happenings, the plant containers will be set up at places along the U5 line where nature has recently been destroyed by building projects. The containers create a sculptural marker which stands for collective, bottom‐up urban planning. In turn, passers‐by can themselves take apart and redistribute the marker. By also planting their seeds at places which have not yet been built upon, the artists will support the further growth and spread of wild vegetation.

Ellen Nonnenmacher and Eva Randelzhofer live and work in Berlin. Their proposal for the Art in the Underground competition was selected because it connects diverse places between the city centre and the outskirts and invites people to actively intervene in public spaces there.


22 April, 6 + 20 May, 17 June, 15 July, 15–19h
Plant container production.
Pavillon opposite station urbaner kulturen

3 June, 15h
Sculptural markers, IGA fence.
Meeting point: Pavillon

1 July, 15h
Seed collection at IGA.
Meeting point: Infozentrum, Hellersdorfer Straße 159.
Limited places, please register: wildwuchsundordnung@web.de

22 July, 15h (new: 27 August)
Sculptural markers, Berlin‐Mitte.
Meeting point: Pavillon

7 October, 19h
Final presentation in the station urbaner kulturen

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10 December 2016: Presentation of a seed bank in the station urbaner kulturen and joined casting of concrete plant containers to go.