Social Green Space – International? …

… Garden? Exhibition?

Guests in April 2017 at The Middle of Nowhere

Saturday 8 April 2017, 17h30 – 20h
»Soziales Grün – International? Garten? Ausstellung?«

Discussion »Social Green Space – International? Garden? Exhibition?« with Marco Clausen (Nomadisch Grün/Prinzessinnengärten), Frauke Hehl (initiator Allmende Kontor), Marco Alexander Hosemann (“Recht auf Stadt” Hamburg), Karin Scheel (Galerie M Marzahn) at station urbaner kulturen

The discussion is about new interpretations of the term „Social Green Space“ for Hellersdorf with Marco Clausen, Frauke Hehl, Karin Scheel, Marco Alexander Hosemann and the resident initiative Bürgerinitiative Kienberg‐Wuhletal. Decisions made in Council offices in the city centre have led to a major infrastructural project „in the sticks“ whose legitmacy is questionable for many residents. The Kienberg Hill, officially protected land, has been fenced off and turned into a huge IGA building site since 2014, causing much local protest. Additionally residents fear significant rises in rental prices caused by the marketing of the area which comes with such an event. The last International Garden Exhibition in 2013 in Hamburg’s poor Wilhemsburg borough triggered typical gentrification and offers lessons that should be learnt.